What Does A Generator Cost?

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When the power goes out and your family is suffering in the heat or the cold, the cost of a generator is not something you’re likely to give too much thought to. However, it’s best to research generators before you need one than to operate in panic mode shopping for a generator in the midst of a power outage.

Additionally, if there is an area wide power outage, chances are your neighbors are also shopping for generators and that means the supply could be depleted before you get an appointment with an electrician to install your generator!

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What is the real cost of a generator?

The cost of stand-by generators outweighs the cost associated with home hazards that occur with a power outage. That being said, it is nearly impossible to give a concrete answer to “what does a generator cost” without performing a home inspection. The reason the costs for stand-by generators vary is because electrical systems are complicated and no two are the same. Because of that it’s impossible to provide a quality estimate without performing an analysis of your homes’ systems.

As an example, a stand-by generator could cost you anywhere from $2,500 on up. Because your home and your electricity needs during a power outage are unique, asking what a generator costs is like asking a car dealer, “What does a truck cost?” There are myriad options to consider and decisions to make on accessories, usage and other items that are important to you. Cost will definitely be a factor when you’re shopping for a stand-by generator, but along with cost comes comfort and safety for your family and you can’t put a price tag on that.

Contact Four-O-One Electric today for a FREE on site assessment at Info@401electric.com or 613-342-6042 to tell you what your cost may be. We urge you to do this before a power outage hits as we can guarantee our schedules will be full during an outage.

What figures into the cost of a stand-by generator?

Home stand-alone generators have been the beneficiary of many technological advances including:

  • They are 50% quieter than portables.
  • There is load management technology. What does this mean to you? It means you won’t have to pick and choose what to hook up to the generator.  The new technologies mean you have the option of running run the appliances in your house. Keep in mind, though, the size of the generator will determine how many appliances can run at one time. As an example: If your stand-alone generator is not capable of powering your entire home because you have the air conditioner taking up the most power consumption. If you wanted to cook from an electric cook-top or do some laundry, you would go start the range or drier and the generator would shut-off the air conditioner automatically to allow for the other devices to run.
  • Some stand-by generators utilize wireless monitoring. If your home loses power the generator will send a text or email telling you whether it has turned on or if it is having a mechanical problem. This is ideal if you’re working or away from home when the power goes out.

If you’ve suffered any power outage at your home, you know how helpless you feel when you can’t cook, turn on lights or use the computer. If you’ve lost electricity at your home for any length of time you also know you run the risk of the food in your refrigerator or freezer being inedible. With a stand-by generator, those worries will be a thing of the past. Give us a call and schedule a free on-site assessment.